Directory of Indian exporters

This Directory is being published since 1919 to complement fiscal and monetary efforts of the Government of India to boost up exports in view of overwhelming importance of exports in the overall scheme of economic development and growth. In publishing this Directory of Indian Exporters, we are working towards the fulfilment of the role of providing information for facilitating free flow of trade and commerce between India and the rest of the world.

Presently the 25th Edition of this Directory is in the press. The unique feature of this issue is that the products (exports and exportables) have been classified as per the ITC(HS) codes and that, too, at 6-digit level, wherever possible.

The Directory contains particulars of 3369 firms and more than 10000 exports and exportable items.

This Directorate has a long expertise in verifying the financial standing and credibility of firms. Care has, in general, been taken to ensure credibility and financial soundness of the firms listed in this Directory. However, this Directorate does not guarantee or vouchsafe the same for any individual firm.

The Directory is expected to be immensely useful to the following two categories of users.

1) Regular exporters: Circulation of this Directory in India and abroad would open up a much larger market for the regular exporters and may lead to realisation of better price ensuring higher inflow of foreign exchange.

2) Potential buyers within the country interested in quality products: This may serve as a standard guide to them.


Source : Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Last Updated on 16-02-2018