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DGCI&S offers an online data transaction through advance payment. The export and import trade data are available countrywise and economic regionwise. The detailed data on India’s foreign trade in merchandise are made available after completion of the third month from a particular month. Here the commodities referred to in these data stand for the ones specified in the ITC(HS) against 8-digit codes which have been developed by the DGCI&S by sub-dividing the 6-digit codes of Harmonised System as internationally standardised. If you want to get data online read the following terms and conditions:

1. Complete the form below and submit it mentioning your query.

2. We shall inform you through email about the amount you have to deposit to get the data regularly with a reference number.

3.  Send a forwarding letter mentioning the reference number by post with a bank draft of the amount ( Note that the amount should be paid through  draft only)

4.  After receiving your cheque you  will be given an Id and password by post ( you can change the password).

5. The cost of the data is Re.1 per record. ( For international users the amount will be deducted as per the exchange rate of the particular month on which the data is disseminated).

6. If in a particular point of time the cost of your requirement of data exceeds your balance you will not be able to download data online.

7. A minimum amount of Rs.200/- should be maintained in your account. The amount is refundable at the time of withdrawal of the membership.

*****Central,State Govt. departments and Indian Embassy's abroad may directly write to Director General , DGCI&S ,M/O Commerce & Industry , 565, ANANDAPUR , WARD NO. 108,SECTOR – 1 , PLOT NO. 22, ECADP,KOLKATA – 700107
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Source : Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Last Updated on 16-02-2018