Statistics of Foriegn Trade and Coastal Cargo Movements of India

This publication in its present form came into being since April 1965. It contains data on shipping in foreign and coasting trade of India relating to the entry and clearance of ships with cargo or in ballast at different ports and customs zones and the number and tonnage of vessels built and registered at different ports in India during a financial year. The primary source of the statistics on cargo movements as well as shipping are the authorities at the customs zone in India namely Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Goa. In case of coasting trade the data are compiled on the basis of returns received from the concerned customs authorities of 12 maritime blocks.

The data on cargo movements and shipping are presented in 12 tables. Table 1 & 3 Show total number and net registered tonnage of vessels entered and cleared with cargoes/ in ballast in foreign trade according to customs zones whereas Table2 and 4 shows their break-up nationality-wise. Table 5 and 6 show the number and net registered tonnage of Indian and non-Indian vessels entered and cleared with cargoes/ in ballast in each port/state in foreign trade whereas table 9 and 10 shows similar picture on coasting trade. Table 7 and 8 show respectively the total number and nationality-wise break-up with net registered tonnage of vessels which entered and cleared with cargoes and in ballast in coasting trade. Table 11 to 12 show data about number and net registered tonnage of vessels built and initially registered at each port in India.

Periodicity: The publication is compiled annually on financial year basis.

Availability: Copies of the publication are available at the office of Controller of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs , Govt. of India, Civil Lines, Delhi – 110 054 on payment of the requisite amount in the form of bank draft in his favour or may be obtained from the Book Depots/Agents authorized to sale Govt. of India Publications.

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Source : Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Last Updated on 16-02-2018