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The Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S), Kolkata, under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, is the pioneer official organization for collection, compilation and dissemination of India’s Trade Statistics and Commercial Information.

For over one hundred and forty years this Directorate is serving the nation relentlessly as the principal authority on trade related information in India.

The quality of information both in terms of authenticity and timeliness has made this organisation a veritable trade intelligence warehouse not only in India, but also across the globe.

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India’s Exports incl. reexports to Top 5 Countries in terms of value in: JUNE, 2016 (Provisional)

CountryValue(in Rs. Lakh)
Total Export incl. re-export:15295760
U S A2282619
U ARAB EMTS1899022
U K516018
CHINA P RP441846

India's Imports from Top 5 Countries in terms of value in: JUNE, 2016(Provisional)

CountryValue(in Rs. Lakh)
Total import excl. Petrolium:15692439
Total import incl. Petrolium:20572705
CHINA P RP3563881
U S A 941543
KOREA RP653952


Source : Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Last Updated on 17-08-2016