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Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics

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Page last modified on : 17/Feb/2021

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Shri Amitabha Pradhan

Director General
Phone: +91.33.24434055(4 lines) Fax : +91.33.24434051

E-mail: dg[dot]dgcis[at]nic[dot]in

The Office address is :

Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics,
565, Anandapur, Ward No. 108,
Sector– 1 , Plot No. 22, ECADP
Kolkata – 700107
Phone: +91.33.24434055(4 lines) Fax : +91.33.24434051


Smt. Pally Kundu
Deputy Director General (Export, Data Analytics & Ancillary)

Phone: 24434055 extn 435/9903764724
E-mail: pally[dot]kundu[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Saikat Sarkar
Economic Advisor (ITJ, Comm. Library and CI)

Phone: 24432014 / 9432642428
E-mail: saikatsarkar_ies[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk; saikat[dot]dgcis[at]nic[dot]in

Shri Atanu Kumar Chowdhury
Deputy Director General (Import, Coordination and Administration)

Phone: 9830503690
E-mail: ak[dot]chowdhury[at]gov[dot]in

Smt Debanjana Datta
Deputy Director General (Services, EDP and Dissemination)

Phone: 24434055 extn 434/9811757997
E-mail: debanjana[dot]d[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Sudipta Bhattacharya
Director (Export, Import & Coordination)

Phone: 24430203 / 9339869544
E-mail: b[dot]sudipta[dot]dgcis[at]nic[dot]in

Shri Shubhajit Roy
Director (ITJ, Commercial Library)

Phone: 24434055 extn 233/9903190683
E-mail: shubhojit[dot]r[dot]dgcis[at]nic[dot]in

Smt. Kajal Jain
Director (Services and Dissemination )

Phone: 99993 01883
E-mail: kajal [dot] jain [at] gov [dot] in

Shri Avishek Podder
Joint Director (EDP, Dissemination & Services)

Phone: 24434055 extn 418/8017379377
E-mail: avishek[dot]podder[at]gov[dot]in

Ms. Lopa Banerjee
Joint Director ( Commercial Intelligence)

Phone: 24434055 extn-317/8908817335
E-mail: lopa[dot]banerjee[at]nic[dot]in

Smt. Madhura Chakraborty (nee Roy)
Deputy Director (Export)

Phone: 24434055 extn 319/8860570648
E-mail: madhura[dot]roy[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Debashis Mandal
Deputy Director (Coordination)

Phone: 24434055 extn 210/7001438281
E-mail: d[dot]mandal[dot]dgcis[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Srijan Acharya
Deputy Director (EDP)

Phone: 24434055 Extn 211/9873725055
E-mail: s[dot]acharya[dot]dgcis[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Piyush Sing
Deputy Director(Export)

Phone: 24434055 extn 223/8095627306
E-mail: piyushkmr[dot]singh88[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Souvik Naskar
Deputy Director (Export and Data Analytics)

Phone: 24434055 extn-226/9831370197
E-mail: naskar[dot]souvik[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Biplab Sarkar
Deputy Director (Coordination, Services and Ancillary)

Phone: 8670327205
E-mail: biplab[dot]sarkar89[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Manish Kumar
Deputy Director (Import)

Phone: 9711459895
E-mail: kmr[dot]manish[at]gov[dot]in

Shri K. S. Santhalingam
Deputy Director ( CI, ITJ and Commercial Library)

Phone: 94436 94453
E-mail: santhalingam [dot] s [at] gov [dot] in

Shri Subhankar Pramanik
Assistant Director (Dissemination & HO)

Phone: 24434055 extn-224/8920449150
E-mail: subhankar[dot]pramanik[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Shyamsundar Parui
Assistant Director(Import & CPIO)

Phone: 24434055 extn 420/8750907772
E-mail: shyam[dot]parui[at]gov[dot]in

Shri Sukdeb Samaddar
Assistant Director (Ancillary)

Phone: 8017798171
E-mail: sukdeb[dot]s[at]gov[dot]in