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Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics

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Page last modified on : 07/Feb/2018

Commercial Intelligence

Commercial Intelligence Branch :

The Commercial Intelligence Branch is the part of the Commercial Intelligence Division of this Directorate, equipped with the whole gamut of trade information, ranging from information relating to India’s trade relations with its major partners to current international trade environment. The information is gleaned from sources as varied as inputs received from Indian embassies and High commissions abroad. Thus armed, the Branch assists and encourages the entrepreneurs, who have the courage and foresight to look beyond Nation’s frontiers, in their trade endeavours.

Trade Intelligence:

The Commercial Intelligence Branch is engaged not only in answering written queries made by the existing and prospective Exporters/Importers, but desk information is also provided regularly to visitors on various aspects related to trade Intelligence. The information, like names and addresses of commercial institutions, trade development authorities/ export promotion councils, chambers of commerce and industries functioning in different parts of India , including addresses of Indian Embassies and High Commissioners is given on request.

Profile of Foreign Countries:

Recently, the Branch has started bringing out Country Profiles, which deal with general information on the country’s present economic indicators, in brief and analyze their trade performance with specific reference to trade with India. These Profiles offer the reader a clear idea of the economic conditions of the countries reviewed, the trends shown by their recent trade data, with an accent on India’s trade with them. The discerning readers will be able to make reasonable conjectures on future trade performance of these countries, and how their trade with India may behave.