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Page last modified on : 19/Jan/2018

Rules for use of reference library(With effect from March, 2002)

  1. The Commercial Library of the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Kolkata is open to the public on all working days from 10-30 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. and will remain closed on holidays observed by the Offices of the Government of India located at Kolkata and occasionally for brief periods, notified in advance, from time to time, for administrative reasons. A list of the holidays will be displayed on the Notice Board.
  2. Admission to the Library will be allowed from 10.30AM to 1.30PM and 2.00PM to 5.00PM on all working days.
  3. Admission to the Commercial Library is free to all persons subject to provisions mentioned below in Clause 4.
  4. The Entry into the Library is regulated in accordance with the procedure as follows:
    1. Any individual, other than the Officials of the DGCI&S, may use the reference library subject to the issuance of temporary permission by the Librarian/Officer in-Charge, for a maximum period of one month at a time. The necessary forms etc. are available in the library, free of cost.
    2. A person who wishes to use the reference library should first submit an application in the prescribed form (annexed) duly counter-signed by the Principal/Vice-Principal/Head of the Department for Students/ Research Scholars and for Others, application should be signed by Class I Gazetted Officer of the Central/State Government with Office seal.
    3. A person who submits the application for temporary permission to use the reference library, duly completed in all respect will be issued a temporary Card valid for a specific period, subject to the maximum period of one month, at a time.
    4. On expiry of validity of temporary permission, if a person wishes to continue to use the library for useful purpose, an extension of permission for further period could be granted only in special case.
    5. Library authorities reserve the right of withdrawing the permission at any time for improper use of library.
  5. Visitors, duly permitted to use reference library are required to sign the Visitor’s Register.
  6. Visitors are requested to observe silence in the Library.
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  8. Visitors are requested to deposit at the reception counter any books, journals etc., mobile/cellular phone, umbrella, stick, hat or raincoat and any kind of bags brought by them. Mobile/cellular phone should be switched off. Visitors should receive from the reception counter numbered token for the articles they deposit.
  9. Visitors shall not take their own books into the library reading room without the special permission of the Librarian.
  10. No visitors shall remove books from the shelves of the Reading Room.
  11. Books are obtainable only upon requisition. Readers should fill up requisition forms kept on the table and the Issue Assistant will arrange for the supply of the books applied for. Readers shall return all books to the Issue Assistant before leaving the Library. In exchange they shall receive back their requisition slips duly cancelled.
  12. Readers are requested to consult books or journals at the appropriate tables. Separate tables have been provided for books and for journals.
  13. No one shall remove from the Reading Room any book belonging to the Library.
  14. Tracing is forbidden except when special permission has been obtained for the purpose.
  15. Persons found mutilating the pages of books or periodicals or otherwise damaging them shall have to make good the loss and they shall be debarred from the use of the library in future
  16. Readers found violating any of these rules, or misbehaving in any way, or disturbing other readers by conversation or otherwise, shall not be allowed to remain in the library reading room.
  17. A suggestion book is kept in the library, recommendations for new purchases may be recorded therein.

Lending of books is usually not permitted to any person other than the dgci&s officials. Special permission for lending of books has to be obtained from the director general, dgci&s, kolkata, according to extant rules regarding lending of books.